Tuesday, April 1, 2014

I have this plan...

So I'm looking into moving to Utah at the end of the summer (no solid plans yet so stop jumping up and down Utah friends) But I've been thinking about when I do move, how am I going to put myself out there, socially and date-ily... anyway, I came up with a plan:

So the first day of church I'm going to find the hottest group of guys, introduce myself and ask "ok boys, what are we don't tomorrow night?!" and we'll all decide to meet at the Tavernacle (where one of them work) Once they decide I'm awesome (which should take about 15 minutes) I'll say "ok gentlemen, I'm in your bro-zone, am I right?!" and they'll agree. Then I'll say "I'm pretty good at putting myself in the bro-zone boys, but I have a lot of hot friends... So here's my plan, the five of us (there are four boys: Jake, Travis, Cade, and Mitch) will be best friends, I'll come over all the time and vice-versa and I'm going to introduce you guys to all my hot friends... I just need you guys to do the same for me but helpme stay out of all their bro-zones... Deal?" and they will all be super excited about that, and boom! I'm the most popular girl in SLC... 

It's my personal opinion that this plan is flawless, if you have any suggestions, however, I'm open to alteration. 

Let me know what you think! 

The future coolest chick in SLC