Monday, October 13, 2014


So last night I made some pretty good chili from scratch… and I’m not one to talk about how my food tastes, I let others do that talking for me, if you want personal references, just let me know… So I decided to make a list of reasons someone should really get up on it and wife-me already!

1. My superior cooking skills… it’s not like I’m a gourmet chef… strictly paper plates here, but You give me half an hour and a full pantry and “BAM, You’ve got a stew!” or something equally delicious… I have multiple instances of proof but let me just directly quote an elder from my mission who said after eating one of my quesadilla’s “How are you not married yet?!” 

2. My innate motherly instincts… this may or may not seem like a plus… but let me tell you why it is a PLUS… A. my purse always has what you need… B. I love to take care of people… Need a back, head, or foot rub I’m your gal! C. I’m not super needy, I even enjoy my personal time a lot… but if you need to be a little needy, I’m ok with that too! Also, I’m a fix it myself kind of gal but I will NOT turn down a little manly help… in fact if it will make you feel more manly, you can do it all, I’ve got your back! 

3. I’m not likely to let myself go… I only recently discovered make up and hair products and the good they can do… I was the kind of girl in HS who was pretty undone so I have a few years before I get tired of making myself look smoking HOTTT ery-day! 

I figure three should be enough reasons for you… If you have further questions or want some personal references, shoot me an email! If you’re convinced and want to ask me out so you can get started on this whole wife-me thing, shoot me an email…