why the name

Why the name, I mean Shakespeare did say "a rose by any other name would smell as sweet" right... well much like the play he wrote that line in... WRONG! My blog would be nothing with out it's name! So here's the story for you enjoyment!

So it all started one chilly night... or maybe you could say early early morning... I was visiting my parent's house from school and my parents had been bugging me for WEEKS about starting a blog. I kept telling them, "look parental's, I've tried multiple times to start blogs... I never stick with it, I never know what to write about... bla bla bladie bla bla!" I finally decided that the only way to get them to move on was to actually start a blog, fail, and then they would move on! So here I am, sitting in my room, it's 1am(ish) and I start messing around with the look of my blog, and what not... the whole time I'm thinking what do I even have to write about, what is interesting about me?!

What is interesting about me? I am 24 years old (ok, at the time I was 23) and I have never I repeat NEVER held hands with a boy, been kissed, had a boyfriend, let alone had sex with one... So there it was, the one thing about me (embarrassing as it was/is) that was unique about me. I started writing about that... I named by blog something dumb... I mean come on, it was 1 in the morning, and posted my first post! Then I posted something about it on FB and went to bed...

If you've read my first post, you know it says something about how I was only doing it so my parents would get off my back about making money with one, and how I didn't think I could do that... well luckily God loves me and he smiled down on me and sent me my friend from High School, the amazingly successful blogger Deidre Miller (You should really check out her blog if you haven't already, she's so cool!) She offered to help me...

Deej read my first post and sent me a message with the following beautiful words that changed my life forever "I think you should name your blog All Sorts of Virgin" and there it was the name that screamed everything I wanted to convey through my blog! I am exactly that, in every way, Virgin Lips, virgin hands, virgin soul... I am all of that and more! and thus it was born!

Now thanks to Deidre and her amazing design skills  my blog looks cool and I can focus on what I want to write weekly! Thank you Deidre, and thank you readers, with out you and your amazing words of encouragement I would have no reason to keep doing this, except maybe to get random stuff off my chest!