Thursday, July 11, 2013

Romeo and Juliette anger me...

It's our first Random-Thought-Thursday!

So, I've been reading a book... we don't need to mention which book... and it mentions Romeo and Juliette a lot, so I've had a lot of time to think about them... and I've decided that I hate them, A LOT! Here are the reasons why...

     photo 6720d41c-d69c-40e5-8a10-5f2eb4e90a28_zps586d60b7.jpg
  1. They are 14... fourteen!!!! 14 is much too young to be "in love" especially this deeply, especially after, like 3 days of knowing each other...
  2. They are completely impulsive... in a really bad way... come on kids with age comes wisdom enough to know that you should think before you act, like maybe wait a few minutes after finding your lover dead to make sure they are 100% dead... call a doctor, check the pulse, hold a spoon under their nose... I'm just saying, don't KILL yourself immediately... 
  3. Who is this nurse who just leaves the room and leaves two very hormonal 14-year-old's alone... you KNOW what's going to happen... let's be real!
  4. "I bite my thumb at you" I'm angry that this didn't really take off, the way it should have... As far as insults go, that one is pretty legit!
  5. Juliette, why are you ok with the fact that Romeo just LITERALLY killed your cousin... he's family, and that boy you love, you met him 2 days ago... so family over 2-days of passion!
  6. I hate couples
  7. Ridiculously-restrictive parents make me so mad... haven't you had a teenager for 4 years, don't know know by now that they will do everything you tell them not to?!

So there you have it, 7 reasons Romeo and Juliette make me want to choke Shakespeare... Sorry Will, but it's a fact! 

PS... I just spent 5 minutes trying to get my roommates to say "Penis" so... it's a good day!